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    La qualité au quotidien

    Des experts en contrôle continu

qualities and guarantees


Selected with the greatest rigor, our suppliers provide us with quality pork, controlled, and whose traceability is total.


Our suppliers are selected with the greatest rigor and regularly audited.

All our pork and beef are French and certified VPF - VBF.

We have chosen a quality supply, controlled, with a total traceability: a whole mode of production to minimize the environmental impact and ensure the nutritional and gustatory qualities of our delicatessen products.

Numerous controls are carried out at all stages from the arrival of the ingredients to the shipment of our products. We taste and test our products, we form panels in order to ensure their organoleptic and gustative quality to always satisfy you.

Moreover, for all remarks and suggestions, you can contact us and it is with pleasure that we will collect your opinion as a consumer.

High quality products

We have at heart to elaborate healthy products, without nitrite salts, based on carefully selected ingredients. Our recipes are therefore as short and unprocessed as possible.

Siga also certifies their quality: it has awarded the gold medal to all our products distributed in the self-service section, for example. This Philippe Wagner range is the only one with such a wide and varied range to be 100% SIGA gold medalist.

The quality of the meats and spices, the care taken with our recipes and their evolution are the secrets of our charcuterie products: tasty, healthy and accessible to the greatest number.

the guarantee

Our certifications

All our products are MADE IN FRANCE.

All our products made from pork are VPF certified

To guarantee a constant quality, we follow a rigorous schedule of conditions and proceed to numerous quality controls at different levels: self-checking, internal control by the interprofessional associations, external control by a third and independent certifying body (audits, controls, analyses)

We are thus controlled several times a year and without notice.

The quality, the origin as well as our historical and regional know-how expected for our Morteau and Montbéliard sausages are thus recognized through their PGI certification.

HACCP: We use this tool to identify and analyze risks. It allows us to determine the measures to be put in place to prevent risks. These measures are systematically controlled to verify their effectiveness.

Total traceability: Each of our products is identified with a batch number that is clearly marked on the packaging. Thanks to this number and to the computer, we are able to trace all the controls, from the manufacturing stages to the raw material used.

Consumer advice: do not hesitate to send us your remarks, suggestions or complaints if necessary via the following e-mail address: contact@philippe-wagner.fr. Indeed, we have at heart to constantly improve and always satisfy you.