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Philippe Wagner: Origin of our French charcuterie

Elaborated with local actors of the East of France, Philippe Wagner's French charcuterie is elaborated in the respect of the environment, of the animal and of the human.

Here is the small village of Breuches near Luxeuil-Les-Bains, in Haute-Saône. A village located in the heart of a nature made of forests, lakes and fields.

So, did you find us on this picture ? It is here, in France, that the products of the Philippe WAGNER brand are designed and manufactured!

We have at heart to work with local actors and this in all the positions of our company. Internally, whether it is our butchers, our engineers, our employees, we work with recruitment agencies, training centers and schools in our region. We also work externally with our suppliers for all our supplies.


Where does the meat of our French charcuterie come from?

The meat selected for our PGI certified Morteau and Montbéliard sausages comes mainly from Haute Saône in Franche Comté.

Our pork is 100% VPF certified, our beef is 100% VBF certified. All our products are designed, elaborated and prepared in France!

As for the salt we use, it comes mainly from Lorraine.

All our good products, if they are smoked, are naturally smoked. The coniferous or beech wood used comes from our region, from sustainably managed forests and does not contribute to deforestation.

A voluntary and respectful approach:

We wish to promote regional industries and work locally while maintaining the highest standards of quality. We simply express our will to support the local economy and to respect the environment.

In addition to this, we are naturally committed to valuing the people who work for our company: reception, integration, training, apprenticeship, health and safety are at the heart of our concerns so that each person can flourish in his or her duties and evolve if he or she so wishes.

What is important to us: the quality of the supply, the production methods, the nutritional quality of our charcuterie products and their taste, the respect of the tradition as well as the sense of innovation.

One goal: to constantly offer you the best products, healthy, tasty and accessible to the greatest number.