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La saucisse de Montbéliard PGI

Philippe WAGNER Montbéliard sausage is made with carefully selected ingredients, salt without nitrite.

It comes from our terroir and is PGI certified.

Our regional recipe without nitrite and its slow natural smoking, with coniferous wood, give it its typical color. It is embossed by hand and made from the best meats from pigs, fed on whey, mainly from Haute-Saône.

Once cooked, you will be able to appreciate its firm and juicy texture. Our nitrite-free traditionnal recipe and its slow natural smoking give it its special color. Indeed, once cooked you will be able to discover its beautiful amber color, a little golden. Its flesh, of a beautiful grain, has a less pinkish appearance, much paler than sausages which contain nitrites. A guarantee of quality, naturalness and flavor, with delicate notes of spices for all your dishes! They are offered to you in pairs as usual. Montbéliard sausages will easily enhance your stews, sauerkraut, cheese and potato plates, soups and salads.


Also available in the self-service department