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Published on March 30, 2022

Philippe Wagner Cycling, our high level team, has been accumulating successes since its creation this year!!! Indeed, to date we have accumulated 8 podiums (2 victories, 4 second places and 2 third places see below) Congratulations to all our 100% sporty and natural riders: your successes are like our delicatessen products: pure pleasure !!!! The Philippe WAGNER brand has developed and elaborated products, specially adapted to the nutrition of sportsmen and women. Indeed, the two essential axes for Health and Well-Being are Nutrition and Sport and since the "Philippe Wagner" products are elaborated with only 100% natural ingredients, fine salt without nitrite and French meat (without added sugar or additive), we support the same values! - February 12: Alexis Caresmel wins the Tour du Centre Var - March 6: Alexis Caresmel wins the Prix Raillicourt - February 15: Charlie Quarterman takes 2nd place in the 3rd stage of the Boucles du Haut Var - February 27; Charlie Quarterman takes 2nd place in the GP d'Onjon - March 26: 2nd place of Charlie Quarterman on the 6th stage of the Tour de Normandie - March 27: 2nd place of Clément Braz Afonso on Annemasse Bellegarde - March 19: 3rd place of Alexis Caresmel on the GP de Wittenheim - March 9: 3rd place of Aurélien Philibert on the GP des Carreleurs The results are here!

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